Review: Blossom Radiance Face Mask

Review: Blossom Radiance Face Mask

My face starts flaking and always gets quite dry leading up to the latter half of the ‘Ber’ months and the most moisturizing products I have cannot seem to help the condition whatsoever. It is because of this that I need an exfoliating face mask, one that helps get rid of dead skin cells and makes my skin feel nice and smooth days post application. With this in mind, out of all the face masks that Soak Opera offers, Blossom was the one I was most excited to try out and ended up being the first one I used.

Containing ingredients such as rose clay, rice oil and powder and pomegranate, the Blossom Clay Mask is said to help restore the skin’s radiant condition. Due to the absorption properties rose clay contains in tandem with the vitamins and minerals that are found in pomegranate and rice, skin impurities are easily eliminated and the complexion is boosted and improved. Claiming to leave the skin radiant, smooth and toned, it is the perfect mask for those who suffer from a blotchy complexion.

It is due to having extremely sensitive skin that I have become very cautious and particular about the products I use on an everyday basis, at least in terms of skincare. Given that I had never tried Soak Opera products prior to late October, I was initially anxious about testing out the masks, this one in particular because rose clay, an ingredient people with sensitive skin seem to be allergic to, is one of the ingredients that is found in it. However, seeing as none of the exfoliating products I regularly use (Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and the Innisfree Colour Clay Mask) seemed to get rid of the dry patches that have formed in the span of three weeks, I decided to give it a go and see if people’s claims were actually true.

Much like the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask I have been using since June of this year, Soak Opera’s Blossom Face Mask also comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with water (milk can be an alternative for those who have dried complexions) in order to be activated into a paste. As per what the directions say, one to two teaspoons of the Blossom powder should be mixed in with a few drops of water into a bowl until some sort of paste forms. Although a lighter shade of pink in the pot, it becomes darker once mixed (don’t be scared!) with water. In order to properly get rid of any unwanted friends, be sure to wash your face prior and pat it dry using a face towel. Once cleaned and dried, apply the mixture onto a dry face and allow it to dry, then wash it off using lukewarm water after three to five minutes.

Despite being one to follow directions when it comes to skincare, I opted to rub the mixture all over my face as opposed to letting it sit in order to thoroughly get rid of the dry patches and flakiness that has formed. Much to my surprise, I was left with such smooth skin and within twenty-four hours, noticed that it felt just as smooth as it did the day prior and had clear up. Overall, I can see myself incorporating this face mask into my skincare routine for a long time.

Written by Alessandra Katigbak

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