Our story

Soak Opera is an indie personal care startup founded by a couple -  a biologist and an entrepreneur. The knowledge that a lot of ingredients found in most commercial skincare products can potentially cause more harm than good led Alessandra to think that the best fix is to start making their own skin care products. They started in a kitchen back in 2018 with simple organic formulas for soaps, deodorants, and balms. These products were tested on their own skin, then on their friends and families. They found that the products worked so well and they decided to share these products to the world.

In October 2018, Soak Opera was launched. The name ‘Soak Opera’ was taken from an urban dictionary that means “a science fiction or television show which is set in the ocean or underwater”. This name was chosen because they believe that skincare should be more than just cleansing, moisturizing, or treating. Skin care should be more of an escape, just like how one would escape from reality by watching a television show. They believe that everyone deserves that escape. Everyone deserves to have that ‘Soak Opera’ experience. That’s why Soak Opera aims to bring products that take you places, relive beautiful memories, and ignite self-love.

Over the years, Soak Opera has been shaped up not only to be a brand that offers natural products, but also a brand that promotes product sustainability and environmental consciousness. They are continuously working towards switching to green alternatives for plastic containers, shipping plastic-free, and developing more eco-friendly initiatives. Both founders being nature lovers, they believe that while we’re enjoying nature's bounty, we should also make an effort to give back to the environment.

Today, our products are made at a mini lab in Zamboanga City, Mindanao. Ever since our first product, we haven’t stopped creating.