Review: Sunshine Multi-purpose Face Mask

Review: Sunshine Multi-purpose Face Mask

We could all use a little sparkle in our lives every now and then, even when it comes to skincare. Although sticking to a healthy diet and working out are two of the best factors that help one maintain a clear and bright complexion, getting facial treatments done every now and then has proven to be significantly helpful. Expensive, there are ways in which achieving a brighter complexion without having to shell out too much money as possible.

Being pale, at least for someone who has lived in a tropical country her entire life, there are times wherein I can see the dullness in my face - especially when I am exhausted due to lack of sleep or stress. Despite having attempted to bring my complexion back to life with the help of (Innisfree) sheet masks, the dullness still seems to resurface after several hours. Given that the masks that I have are mostly targeted towards acne and post-acne treatment and moisturization, I knew I had to get myself a mask that would brighten up my complexion and make me look rejuvenated. Enter Sunshine, Soak Opera’s face mask that helps bring one’s complexion back to life.

After watching Priyanka Chopra’s video on Vogue YouTube channel (video is embedded below) several weeks back, I was utterly convinced that I needed to test out a product that contains sandalwood and turmeric, the latter, I have been told, containing antioxidant properties. Having incorporated both the Blossom and Radiance face masks into my skincare routine for a little over a month, I wanted to try out the last of the trio, Sunshine, hoping it would also work well on my sensitive skin. Formulated with good-for-the-health ingredients such as Turmeric and Sandalwood in tandem with Vitamin-C packed lemon and orange, it is supposed to help prevent and eliminate acne, even one’s skin tone and lighten scars and post-acne hyperpigmentation. Key ingredients in this face mask include French Yellow Clay (which helps detoxify, brighten, and tone the skin), Turmeric (which contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties), Sandalwood (which helps moisturise, exfoliate, heal and whiten the skin), Lemon (which helps lighten the skin with continuous use) and Indian Gooseberry (which combats skin damaging radical effects).


Similarly to that of Blossom and Evergreen, Sunshine also needs to be mixed in with water (although, milk and/or honey can be used in its place if your complexion is a lot drier) in order to be activated into a paste. Compared to the aforementioned masks, Sunshine has the most pleasing scent as lemon is one of the ingredients the mask contains and although potent due to the sandalwood, it stops lingering once applied onto the face. In terms of overall complexion, I could not really tell whether it worked or not due to being pale and having a relatively even skin tone. As per the product overall, I would rate it a nine out of ten because it made my skin feel supple and smooth and did not break me out. The reason as to why I did not give it a ten? It can leave a stain if left on for too long. With that said, be sure to wash your face properly or wipe the product off using a damp face towel in order to avoid looking like an oompa loompa.

Written by Alessandra Katigbak


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