Review: Evergreen Acne-treatment Face Mask

Review: Evergreen Acne-treatment Face Mask

Everyone suffers from acne, even runway models and A-list celebrities. Although known to be helpful contributing factors, drinking two liters of water per day and getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep at night does not cut it at times, so having a rigorous skincare routine is what really hits the nail on the head. On the topic of skincare, Soak Opera’s Blossom Face Mask proved to be completely worth the hype so saying I had high hopes for the brand’s Evergreen Face Mask, which is supposed to help treat acne prone skin, is a complete understatement.

Containing ingredients such as French Green Clay (which is known to help detoxify, tighten and tone the skin), Neem Leaf Powder (which is supposed to effectively prevent future breakouts), Moringa Powder (which helps promote collagen production and gives the skin strength and elasticity) and Lavender Oil (which contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties as well as calms the skin). Given that Evergreen was created in tandem with chlorophyll, the vitamins and antioxidants that are found in the aforementioned ingredients are supposed to not only treat acne but heal, hydrate and brighten the skin’s complexion as well as slow down its aging process.


Similarly to the Blossom Face Mask, Evergreen also comes in a similar glass packaging and with a stopper, which is pressed down onto the product in order to prevent spillage. Colour wise, it immediately reminded me of the cult favorite Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask and much like it (and Blossom), needs to be mixed in with water in order to be activated into a paste. Given that it is used to treat acne, those who suffer from extremely dry skin can opt to use honey or milk as opposed to water, as both provide moisture to the skin. As Blossom Face Mask does, Evergreen also gets darker once water is added to the mix, so don’t be too concerned if its color looks like that of kelp. In terms of directions, one to two teaspoons of the powder should be mixed in with a few drops of water, milk or honey until some sort of paste forms. However, depending on how you like your mask’s consistency to be, more can definitely be added until you get the desired outcome. Also, make sure to apply it to skin that has been washed and patted dry.

Despite having been blest with relatively clear skin, I decided to test the mask out the weekend before my time of the month was to commence, also known as when the hormonal acne surfaces, in order to determine whether it works or not. Much to my surprise, only one small pimple appeared on my cheek and it actually shrunk overnight, something that hardly ever happens. Ultimately, to say that this mask, like Blossom, works amazingly well is a true understatement and I can honestly see myself using it more than the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask.

With some pros sometimes come cons and out of the entire package, product and packaging included, the only thing I was not such a huge fan of was the mask’s scent. Instantly reminding me of an essential oil called Digize, it made me feel a bit dizzy during the application process. However, the scent does go away after a minute or so. In terms of whether the product works on my sensitive skin or not, I did notice that the hormonal acne did not look as bad as it usually does once I started using it, which is a sign that it, in fact, does work….even for someone that does not suffer from extremely terrible acne.

Written by Alessandra Katigbak

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