How to Do a Complete Skin Detox for Clearer Skin

How to Do a Complete Skin Detox for Clearer Skin

Our daily lives are filled with stressful events and yes, our skin gets stressed out too. Dull, tired skin and adult acne are often triggered by multiple stress factors from our environment and daily habits. So what's the most logical thing to do? A proper skin detox you can easily do to achieve healthier, clearer skin.

Our skin responds to our lifestyle and diet, so if you can commit to this skin detox for a least a month, your skin will result in a healthier and more glowy complexion, with lesser breakouts.

1. Proper Cleansing

Excess oils and sebum can cause clogged pored and blackheads. A hybrid cleanser and exfoliating scrub can do the trick or a handmade organic cleansing bar such as Soak Opera's Campfire Soap can purify and detox skin with activated charcoal and kaolin clay, along with tea tree oil that has antibacterial and soothing properties.

2. Protect Your Skin from Pollutants

Anti-pollution skincare can be very beneficial for protecting the skin's barrier and overall health. An emulsion filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins such as Human Nature's Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion can counter free radical damage and induce a healthier glow. Always remember to put sunscreen too and choose anything SPF 50 for maximum sun damage control.

3. Eat Your Way to Clearer Skin

Acne is caused by oily skin and clogged pores and what causes those? Excess oil production due to hormones, liver and digestive functions and ultimately, diet. Those oils come from what you eat every day and your skin can be detoxified by eating lighter and more plant-based oils to decongest your oil glands.

Here's a list of congesting and stimulating foods and substances that can trigger oily skin:

  • Red meat and pork
  • Dairy products like cheese, chocolate, and butter
  • Sweets with refined sugars that are found in pastries, donuts etc.
  • Spicy food
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol and nicotine
  • Citrus fruits and strawberries

Staying away from these foods for around a month can cause new cellular turnover and skin will be noticeably clearer. On the other hand, substituting these for fresh vegetables and baby greens can improve digestion and heal skin. Other sources of healthy protein are eggs, tofu, quinoa, and lentils.

4. Always Drink Water

Water is a crucial step for any skin detox. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning can promote liver function and overall hydrate the body and increase metabolism. An average of 6-8 glasses a day is already an essential step to flush out toxins and promote skin health.

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