How to Make Your Handmade Soaps Last in the Shower

How to Make Your Handmade Soaps Last in the Shower

Taking a shower can become a special spa treat with luxurious, handmade natural soaps but these lovely gems can quickly dissolve with too much exposure to water or when they are not used and stored properly.

Since handmade soaps naturally possess glycerin which can attract moisture such as Soak Opera's Cotton Candy bar, you can make this last by providing special care so you can enjoy its maximum benefits, including better lifespan in the shower. These soaps also do not have chemical preservatives so they may melt away easier than your regular grocery bought commercial soap bar.  Handmade soaps can last anytime from 6 to 12 months in proper storage, depending on its formulation. Check out its expiration date too.

Here's how to take care of your handmade Soak Opera soaps and you'll see it's easy and convenient:

When it comes to storing soaps, keep them out of direct sunlight as sunlight can cause some natural colors to fade. Do keep your unused soaps inside a covered container such as a shoebox or a plastic one, in a cool and dry location and allow some air circulation too. You can also store them inside your closet or cabinet to impart a faint fragrance to your clothes or linen.

Prolong the life of your soap with a soap pouch. This can be netted, mesh or cloth material, to save up and use up any soap material remnants. Soak Opera's drawstring pouches are perfect for that. Place the soap inside the pouch and keep it secure by pulling the drawstring to close. Make your soap pouch lather with water and allow it to dry in between shower sessions. Soap saver pouches also provide gentle exfoliation by acting like a scrub or loofah.

You can also use a soap dish so that the soap can properly dry out in between shower times. There are many kinds of inexpensive soap dishes of different sizes and shapes. Most are plastic and some of them are ceramic or wood. Ceramic ones tend to fall and break and wooden types should be kept away from direct water source or on a high shelf.

Also, make sure that these soap dishes have proper slots to drain out water. Look for a soap dish with big holes that comes in two parts. The first part being the strainer with drainage holes and the second part is the tray that would collect the water to prevent that soap puddle from forming.

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