One mask never seems to be enough, so the skincare experts say. As my favourite make-up artist Nam Vo mentioned in some online interviews, layering products would be the key way to providing the best results, thus making you look like a #DewyDumpling. With that, I have hopped onto the multi-masking train and as should you.

Multi-masking is defined as a way in which more than one treatment is used simultaneously in order to cater to different problem areas. Suffering from a skin allergy such as Eczema? Use a more gentle exfoliant in order to get rid of the layers of dead skin. Can’t seem to get rid of those acne scars or acne (in general) for good? Try something that contains charcoal or chlorophyll to get rid of the grime from inside out. Concocting your own “potions” would be best in order to treat whatever skin problem/s you are going through and doing so would give you an excuse to test more things out. Luckily, Soak Opera offers three masks, all of which do different wonders for the skin.

Much like masks such as the Fresh Sugar Polish and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, Soak Opera’s face masks (Blossom, Evergreen and Sunshine) are formulated with good-for-you ingredients and geared towards combating specific facial areas. Although often used all over the face, they can be used to treat specific areas that are suffering from breakouts, redness or dryness. Different in terms of colour, each mask is supposed to be used in a specific way and help treat different skin-related issues.

As seen in the photos above, I opted to use these masks to treat different areas as opposed to the way I normally do, all over the face. My forehead has been quite dry and patchy for the past week, so I opted to apply Blossom because of its mild exfoliating properties. It’s also that time of the year wherein I don’t get as much sleep and given that, I was in much need of a mask that would help treat acne. Evergreen has been my go-to for that as it contains chlorophyll, an ingredient that helps get rid of it with continuous use. Lastly, Sunshine was applied to the areas where my face looks quite dull. 

Aside from being cruelty-free, another factor I love and appreciate is the inexpensiveness of these masks. With each tub priced under P300, people can buy one or two (or all three) at once, giving them the chance to try them without breaking the bank.

Written by Alessandra Katigbak

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