Why Switch to Handmade Soap and Ditch Your Commercial Soap

Why Switch to Handmade Soap and Ditch Your Commercial Soap

We all know that soap we can get from the grocery can be bought at a cheaper price and are also more accessible than handmade, organic soaps, so why is handmade soap better?

Commercial soaps are filled with additives that are chemical and toxic which can be harmful to your skin and health. These can cause irritations such as skin rashes that can even trigger more skin problems. More specifically, these additives are synthetic detergents that make commercial soap very drying to our skin.

Did you ever felt your skin get that tight feeling? Sometimes itchy or flaky? This is common in detergent based soaps because of many other harmful ingredients like alcohol, triclosan, and BHT that are often present in anti-bacterial soaps.

There may be commercial soaps that claim to use natural or healthy ingredients but they are manufactured in so little quantities that they provide almost no health benefits. Sometimes manufacturers use this marketing ploy to lure consumers into using more natural and safer skin care products but if you investigate and look at product labels more closely, commercial soaps are still made from mostly synthetic detergent ingredients.

Switching to handmade, organic soaps can result in better and healthier skin when you stop exposing your skin to these very harmful detergents and the cost will not even break the bank.

Here are some major skin benefits when you switch to handmade, organic soap:

Most organic soaps are made from glycerin which is a naturally occurring substance in plants. This wonder ingredient can provide enough moisture and maintains skin's ideal pH even after hours after you took a bath.

Handcrafted soaps also contain powerful natural ingredients like essential oils. These oils are very potent and they possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties such as grapefruit, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and so much more.

Handmade soaps can also create a rich lather and a more aromatic experience due to these essential oils and the absence of chemical detergents. This, in turn, can provide a silky, velvety skin texture and you will also smell like you just came from a luxurious spa!

Written by Ana Verayo

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