To all past Soak Opera customers, here is a surprise for you! 

We are rewarding all our previous customers with ₱100 store credits in exchange for five (5) product reviews. 

To be qualified for claiming store credits, you must have previous purchase/s from Soak Opera. If you submitted a product review for something you did not buy, this review will automatically be invalid.

You will receive an email containing a code that is equivalent to ₱100 store credits after 24-48 hrs after your fifth review. 

How do I submit a product review?

Submitting a product review is so easy! All you have to do is click on the product you want to review and below you will see a button "Write a Review". Just fill out the necessary details and submit!


To check your status, simply send an email to soakoperaph@gmail.com and a staff will get back to you.